what would you do if the person you liked…

What would you do if the person you liked was different? I dont mean just a little odd every now and again, but someone who never reacts in the typical fashion that most people do.

For example : doesnt expect or even want monogamy, but insists upon honesty and transparency.

loves to take care of you but doesnt want to have their niceness abused or not reciprocal

doesnt care what religion or political affiliations you have just as long as you respect their thoughts and feelings as they respect yours

is adventurous in most areas, but in the bedroom specifically for this example, and willing to try most anything once if you really wanted to experience it as long as if it was too much in the moment you nacked off and were willing to offer the same in return

was someone who would rather laugh than cry but always cries at sappy moments in movies

can hold their own in complex conversations with grace and their own opinion

was unlike anyone you had ever met in every way possible

bends to accommodate you even if you dont really deserve it

loves to make you smile, even when they are hurting inside

thinks about you whether you are there in the room or hundreds of miles away and make the effort to let you know

stays silent when they know they cant help but is there regardless

can say a million things with a look and make you feel on top of the world

scares the hell out of you because they couldnt possibly be for real but never falters

is willing to understand even if they dont agree

I wonder what this would be like to have in my life. Would i hesitate and hold back, fearful of losing out at some point or would i grab on tightly and enjoy the ride wherever it goes.

i cant honestly answer this, but i know what it feels like to offer all of that and have it mistrusted and abused and thrown back in my face… maybe ill figure out one day.

but now i pose the question to you all what would you do?


Published by: glitterflame

I like to have deep conversations that span topics from the simplicity of daily trivia to the complexities of how the world really works. I love my family and currently live in rural Virginia with friends. I'm expecting a baby on thanksgiving day this year and can almost stand the irony.

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3 thoughts on “what would you do if the person you liked…”

  1. Well, sounds like a friend of mine! Too bad my eldest son deserves to have a few of those hurt feelings flung back at him… Me? I just want to grab her and lick all over her, or something like that anyway… *evil grin*

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