Finding Euphoria

Heat, Final, Dust

Interactive poetry attempt #1

I have decided to give my attempt to interactive poetry. I typically just ask if someone wants a poem and tell them to give me a title and then covert their concept to my own. I hope this new process of having 3 or 4 words auggested to me is as effective as my old way.

Please let me know what you think and if you want to see what i can do with either a title or a few random words, I encourage you all to comment with your suggestions.

So without further ado….

Finding Euphoria

wanted: an indescribable height of experience,

as children, questing, seeking,

rabbit holes of curiosity,

experimentation, the thrill of that first kiss,

the most incredible pain, spectacular elation,

every aspect processed and filed away,

the fear of the first time, the dread of the last,

questioning god, soul searching, self-identifying,

mind altered, love, alcohol, it matters not,

heat of anger, the depth of depression,

happy smiling faces, yours or mine or their’s,

near death, electrifying,

will to fight, respect,

champagne and matrimony,

children, self-expression,

where you go and what you want,

big plans and forgotten dreams,

the photo album of your memory,

did it matter, success, reflection,

on the bed, before that final step,

angels chorus, retrospective accountability,

one last drive, should-a, would-a, could-a,

what will you regret,

my soul yearns, how bout yours,

a eulogy, “the greatest achievement was the intensity of life…”,

looking back, from above, the winds of time,

a once vibrant shell, swirls of aged dust,

my memory lives on, this corporeal life to the next,

recognition, acute, vague,

paths cross, familiarity, like a finger you can’t place,

enjoy the journey, revel in the dark and the light,

hide, plain sight, wonderment,

my greatest hope, all said and done,

found love, felt pain, known happiness, sung lullabies,

cried buckets, regetted nothing, have success,

lavished affection, danced without limits,

experienced all, and discovered euphoria


2 thoughts on “Finding Euphoria”

  1. I can’t beat that right here, what you’ve already done. Dang you’re good, girlfriend!

    How about this: Dainty, lovely new moon Goddess seen over my left shoulder, imparting hope, but having forgotten how to hope? Or God on my right hand, asking me to trust, when I’ve trusted for so long and we can’t get out of this moldy dank and back into the sunshine, no matter how long we trust? Light vs dark, forgotten hope vs trusting for what anymore?

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