A Moment For Expressing Rage

My name is Lydia. I’m 30 yrs old,  a mother, a daughter, a friend, and i have something to say.

Until this post i tried to remain outside of public opinion. kept my thoughts to myself or to my circle of people and never really tried to make anyone hear me who didnt want to listen.

and now i feel as though it is my duty to speak out, to get my thoughts heard.

when i was a little girl i wanted to be many things, a ballet dancer, a chef, a rockstar, a writer. now as with many childhood dreams most of these faded in to background with time and the realization that i did not have the aptitudes necessary.

what i was left with was writing, words, thoughts, concepts. and now i will use this dream to say a few things that i believe, need to be said.

i am confused. i am offended. i am angry. to be honest with you as i believe more people should be, this rant took form as i was watching the accounts of the baltimore riots on youtube.
it is not about the riots specifically but it does have some bearing to my argument. what happened wasnt right. ill say that up front so there is no confusion. freddie grays death leaves questions. questions that should be answered, truthfully and expediently. everyone should be angry, everyone should be demanding answers.
to broaden this rant, everyone should be angry and demanding answers about a lot of things in this world.
racism in any direction is wrong in my opinion. being so blinded by outrage that you perform acts of vandalism, to engage in dangerous acts that can and do get out of hand, that get innocent people injured. that is also wrong. yes demand your answers express your pain, your rage, but why do it in a way that only serves only to hurt your community. death isnt plesant under any circumstances. encouraging and performing violence only begets violence.
who is benefiting from these actions?
whos pain is lessened by these actions?
a time and place for everything was how i was taught, how i was raised. my parents instilled my ability to chose for myself, what was right and what was wrong. they taught me to respect human life and not to judge others without reasonable cause.
this may seem like an off topic segue, i assure you it is not.
respect is a rare comodity in this world. its lack of respect that has fueled my mind to write out this article. when people dont respect ‘you’, you take offense. when people dont respect basic rules of safety, people get hurt,  when a life is taken, by whatever means, you are supposed to pay your respects to that persons passing.
so i ask again ;
who is benefiting from these actions?
whos pain is being lessened?
lets add another question; what gives a person the right to be above reproach, to not be held accountable for their actions?
this is my answer, my opinion; no one and nothing. if you respect yourself, if you respect the life you were granted by the grace of whatever higher power you claim, if you respect the people in your community; civilian and non-civilian alike then none of this would have happened.
im not setting out to change minds, or to judge the actions of others here,  i am simply stating that i am angry, offended and confused about how this situation and many others have devolved to the point of selfish minds and hearts.
i sincerely express my regards to the family of freddie gray and hope that they are able to find a modicum of peace once this has been settled.
i also express my regards to the frustration of the police and the political structure that is having to determine the facts with the distraction of these riots.
i express my guilt to those that have been wronged by the actions of all involved in this specific instance.
i know that what i have said will be scoffed at, disagreed with, hell even the possibility of losing friends as my opinions differs widely from theirs. however i feel that it is necessary to speak my peice. to point out that in this day and age of the social media frenzy you can be civily disobedient without damaging anything, without harming anyone. these forums give access to a great many people in different citys, countries. you can and will be heard. that being said i will retire this rant on one last note;

in the end, how do you want to be remembered in this world? as person valued for your own merits or as an impersonal headline that has no bearing on who you really were?

thank you all for your time, my regards to The People.


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